Life lessons or commentary which may or may not have some sort of relevance to product management.


A Question Unanswered: "Why Did You Want to Become a Product Manager?"

If more Product Managers could answer this question, we'd have better Product Managers.

Culture Over Rules

Technology startups are often dominated by Caucasian males preaching the importance of culture. This irony should be lost on no one... in the boom of entrepreneurship and investing, the intangible concept of togetherness became an undeniable metric for success.

The Ruin Of Feeling Powerless

Being powerless in its most crushing state is not an instant switch, but rather a series of memory leaks which happen undetected over time.

Everything Is A Bubble

In the presence of exponential success, it is important to realize that every high has a low. Any booming industry is simply the upside of a sine curve.