Life lessons or commentary which may or may not have some sort of relevance to product management.

Why Did You Want to Become a Product Manager?

If more Product Managers could answer this question, we'd have better Product Managers.
8 min read

The Arrogance Epidemic

We are to some extent victims of circumstance, but if there is time to make an exception, it would be that of arrogance.
7 min read

Culture Over Rules

Teams which implicitly strive for success are more effective than teams following rules.
6 min read

The Ruin Of Feeling Powerless

Being powerless in its most crushing state is not an instant switch, but rather a series of memory leaks which happen undetected over time.
5 min read

Everything Is A Bubble

In the presence of exponential success, it is important to realize that every high has a low. Any booming industry is simply the upside of a sine curve.
4 min read

9 Things We Learn In School

Things we learn: Life is linear. Concepts over substance. Use big words. Do the minimum. Fake it. Work hard. Do what you love, but don't have fun.
3 min read

Should You Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is breaking the mainstream with a reason bystanders can't resist: price.
4 min read

Welcome to Toddzilla

Sources confirmed that Todd Birchard, the unmistakably anonymous Product Manager from New York, has started a blog. Tech community reels in shock.
3 min read