Life lessons or commentary which may or may not have some sort of relevance to product management.

The Arrogance Epidemic

Behind each of our unsavory characteristics lies a personal backstory. Our shortcomings are most certainly the direct result of a life event, perhaps long forgotten. We are to some extent victims of circumstance, but if there is ever a time to make an exception to this rule, I would argue that it be in the case of arrogance.

The internalization of superiority has been silently sifting deep into both business and society- a phenomenon which seems to be going unnoticed. Clear indicators of this shift in mindset are riddled throughout popular culture and politics, but perhaps most obvious in social media: to the discerning eye it is easy to see how the 1950s western mantra of 'everything is fine' has transformed into a self-worship exclaiming 'everything is great, all thanks to me.' To understand why this mindset can be harmful, consider the following:

Arrogance is self-inflicted ignorance intended to

Culture Over Rules

Technology startups are often dominated by Caucasian males preaching the importance of culture. This irony should be lost on no one... in the boom of entrepreneurship and investing, the intangible concept of togetherness became an undeniable metric for success. As VCs have continued to emphasize the importance of employee happiness, it's been clear that we've undergone a fundamental shift away from the suit-and-tie offices which once dominated American professionalism.

The importance of company culture has no lack of advocates. Those in traditional work environments may associate tech culture with ball pits and ping pong tables, but the significance of company culture goes far beyond short-term relief and happiness. Companies such as Airbnb openly preach prioritizing culture, and in doing so these pioneers recognize core beliefs as a primary prerequisite for success.

In the context of the workplace, culture should be considered a counter-argument to strict rule enforcement. While both culture

The Ruin Of Feeling Powerless

I woke up one August morning to find a letter waiting on my dining room table. The only words were "I love you. I believe."

It was from my girlfriend. It had been a long few months of tireless work for the both of us, and we often found ourselves wondering if things would ever get better. It seemed like a hopeful low point in our lives as we were both consumed by timelines and obligations.

Little did we know that August was just the beginning of a 6 month stretch that would slowly take its toll on our lives.

Burning Out

Everything is Fine

A while back Kieran Tie struck a chord with me in an article he wrote about the subject.

Burning out is more common than we think; it's a topic that doesn't fair well in the "everything is fine" blueprint for western civilization. Burnout can

Everything Is A Bubble

Edit: The day after this was posted, bitcoin dropped 1k and the stock market crashed. Regardless of what the status of the market might be, it is important to remember that nearly all things in life are cyclical.

As of today the world is seeing the top of the stock market and Bitcoin is knocking on the door of a three thousand dollar all-time high. 2017 has taken world politics and economics for a violent ride as unexpected twists have shaken expectations of the norm. By now we've hopefully learned not to trust knee-jerk reactions.

Headlines are raging and some have chosen to move directly towards preparing victory speeches. Before you consider celebrating, perhaps it would be best to take a step back and put things in perspective.

Ups and Downs

Tech Financial Crash

My first few years out of university were not among my favorites. Without close family or friends, the most

9 Things We Learn In School

Getting an education takes a lot of effort and arguably the most valuable years of one's life.

Seeing as how we all invest massive amounts of time and money into pursuing degrees, it's probably a good idea to gauge the ROI. After 22 years and a Bachelor's degree, this is what I got...

1. Life is Linear

Life only gets better, at a fixed rate over time. As long as we stay the course we will slowly accrue more diplomas, higher salaries, and better lives. Always forwards, never backwards.

2. Concepts Over Substance

It is more important to understand underlying concepts than it is to use them in practice. Constructing a trebuchet via the application of mathematics is not as important as completing exercises utilizing the Pythagorean theorem. "Work" is the completion of assignments, not the pursuit of a final product.

3. More Words Are Better

As long