The Blog

I started this blog about a year ago during a "strange time in my life," entirely in the Fight Club sense. To say I was busy would not do justice to startup-facing agency culture. Time itself passed me by faster than one could possibly formulate perspective.

Toddzilla was an attempt to capture my  thoughts before the next project would dominate my consciousness. Helping startups off the ground time and time again brings lessons only life can teach, and the prospect of losing those lessons seemed unacceptable.

I've been lucky enough to reach a small audience in the process, starting conversation in the space and even helping some young professionals along the way. While even I'm not sure what the main topic of this blog is anymore, the core hope is to share what I've learned to better the way in which we create technology products for teams across the world. Doing that with a blog is a bit ambitious, but we've all got to start somewhere.

The Author

I served as a product manager for a number of different companies for 8  years, after abandoning my previous life-long dream of being a flash developer. Times were tough back in 2010. Since then, I've embraced a more technical role serving as a senior architect for WeWork.

If I had to pitch a reason for anybody care about what another tech bro has to say, I've had the privilege to do a lot of things most people don't. I've been called a developer, architect, product manager, and graphic designer, but I'm really just a guy who loves making shit. I'm always learning and taking on projects, so it's safe to safe my personal life is pretty lame.

I've found that my best chance to make a significant impact in this world comes from having a voice. No matter my title, I'll always have plenty of unsolicited opinions for this great industry of ours.