ghosttheme-stockholm - Clean & minimalist theme

This is a Ghost theme created for a friendly developer community I maintain called Hackers and Slackers. The site serves as a sort of technical 'blog' and/or personal development notes.

The theme itself turned out rather clean.


ghosttheme-warsaw - Theme suitable for displaying personal work.

A Ghost theme I had originally developed for a strange site:Todd Industries. Todd Industries was more or less a spinoff of this page, but with a lot more work and probably even less popular. Despite being a useless site, the theme might be salvageable.


bio - Biography microsite with expressjs

A personal site originally intended to provide background to my life. I actually dont like this site at all.


confluence-wikipy - Python 3 CLI for interacting with Confluence API.

Currently live, and a hilarious mess. As nobody I know uses Tumblr, I've been using the platform to play with automation of various social platforms. If you're looking for a spam feed, it's currently working.


ghosttheme-tokyo - Ghost theme used on Toddzilla blog

The Ghost theme used on this site.


There are plenty of in-progress projects which are not listed here. To get an idea of what I've actively working on, feel free to stalk me on Github.
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