Side Projects

Side Projects

I've always considered writing code to be a hobby first and a job second. These are a few of the projects I inexplicably work on for fun.

Hackers and Slackers

If I were the type of person who feels comfortable using phrases like "side hustle" unironically, I would undoubtedly describe Hackers and Slackers as my main side hustle. H&S is home to hundreds of programming tutorials constantly growing and groomed by a small collective of authors which has enjoyed explosive growth and recognition to the surprise of all those involved.

Hackers and Slackers - Hackers and Slackers
Community of hackers obsessed with data science, data engineering, and analysis. Openly pushing a pro-robot agenda.

JAMStack Automation API

JAA is the most robust API I've created for a personal project. Building JAMStack Automation API rose out of maintenance necessities associated with managing a community of authors such as sanitizing data, optimizing images, email handling, and various automation tasks triggered by JAMStack Webhooks.

:guitar: :books: Optimization tasks for JAMStack-based sites triggered via webhooks. - toddbirchard/jamstack-automations

Plotly Dash Flask Demo

Spawned from a tutorial on Hackers and Slackers, Plotly Dash Flask Demo has become a go-to template for Pythonistas looking to incorporate Plotly Dash into Flask.

📊📉Embed Plotly Dash into your Flask applications. Contribute to toddbirchard/plotlydash-flask-tutorial development by creating an account on GitHub.


Admin panel for exploring and modifying data in databases, written in Python. Spoof of PhpMyAdmin - not affiliated in any way.

🐍🖥 Lightweight GUI for modifying database tables. Contribute to toddbirchard/pythonmyadmin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Flask-login Demo

Another case of a tutorial gone wild, this working demo of Flask-Login quickly became a crowd favorite during a time where the void of respectable Flask documentation was vast:

:man_technologist: :key: Tutorial to accompany corresponding post on - toddbirchard/flasklogin-tutorial


Third-party user interface to be used in conjunction with a target Tableau Server instance for the purpose of extracting transform data from Workbooks. Leverages vulnerabilities to empower customers against vendor-lock.

📈➡️💾 A Flask application which extends Tableau to be used as an ETL tool. - toddbirchard/tableau-extraction

Single endpoint which accepts a ?url= parameter and returns best-guess metadata for the target site. A successful requests discerns which data is best suited to provided a preview of said page and returns a suitable preview.

:link: :package: A single endpoint which generates metadata previews of any given URL. - toddbirchard/linkbox-api


Accepts any raw Jupyter notebook data and outputs a fully-styled, presentation-ready product ready for publication Intended to bridge the gap between research and intellectual conversation.

:red_circle: :milky_way: :telescope: Beautify your Jupyter Notebooks. - toddbirchard/planetjupyter


Marketplace for premium Ghost themes which has not yet implemented a payment method, therefore serving as a mad grab for free stuff until I bother implementing Stripe or something.

:ghost: :pencil: :sparkles: Clean Ghost theme with advanced features & customization. - toddbirchard/ghosttheme-stockholm


Discord chatbot to fetch memes, generate 30-day stock/crypto price charts, get local weather, and much more.

:dog2: :space_invader: Chatbot for Discord. Contribute to toddbirchard/shibabot development by creating an account on GitHub.