Clean Ghost theme with advanced features & customization.

Arguably the most feature-rich Ghost theme on the market. With some configuration, users can extend the functionality of their theme by accessing data which would be otherwise inaccessible via the standard Ghost API.

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Minimalist theme emphasizing readability & load times.

Theme which stays true to a philosophy of simplicity while empowering authors with customization. Includes custom widgets and page templates to elevate content and allow for expressive presentation.

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Flask app which extends Tableau to be used as an ETL tool.

Third-party user interface to be used in conjunction with a target Tableau Server instance for the purpose of extracting transform data from Workbooks. Leverages vulnerabilities to empower customers against vendor-lock.

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Planet Jupyter

Publish and style your Jupyter notebooks from Github.

Accepts any raw Jupyter notebook data and outputs a fully-styled, presentation-ready product redy for publication Intended to bridge the gap between research and intellectual conversation.

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Endpoint which generates preview of any given URL.

Single endpoint which accepts a ?url= parameter and returns best-guess metadata for the target site. A successful requests discerns which data is best suited to provided a preview of said page and returns a suitable preview.

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Development shop for premium Ghost blog themes.

Marketplace for premium Ghost themes which has not yet implemented a payment method, therefore serving as a mad grab for free stuff until I bother implementing Stripe or something.

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JIRA-to-Database ETL

Lightweight ETL pipeline for extracting JIRA issues.

Serverless function running on a CRON scheduler. Extracts issues from a JIRA instance via the REST API, transforms the data, and uploads said data to a database. Useful for creating widgets such as public-facing Kanban boards.

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