Necessary organizational processes for development, design, product management, or otherwise.

Culture Over Rules

Teams which implicitly strive for success are more effective than teams following rules.
6 min read

Agile Suicide

Agile's unanimous success is the culprit of its own demise.
4 min read

Defining Your JIRA Project's Issue Schemes

The first step to creating clear team communication in JIRA is utilizing issue types effectively.
3 min read

The Art Of Technical Documentation

It's not so much our ideas that consume us, but the ability to explain those ideas to entire teams of people.
PM Tools
5 min read

Agile Development Without The Bullshit

The term "Agile Development" in product management has been bloated with jargon and meaningless terminology. Let's look at agile and get back to the basics.
Project Management
5 min read