Interpersonal relationships with the talent human beings doing the actual work.

Why Did You Want to Become a Product Manager?

If more Product Managers could answer this question, we'd have better Product Managers.
8 min read

The Great Divide

Company’s adopting open office spaces and heavy Slack culture reveals the prioritization of management over talent.
6 min read

The Arrogance Epidemic

We are to some extent victims of circumstance, but if there is time to make an exception, it would be that of arrogance.
7 min read

Culture Over Rules

Teams which implicitly strive for success are more effective than teams following rules.
6 min read

Will Product Go The Way Of Marketing?

High-impact professions attract seekers of success, but is this always a good thing?
3 min read

Product Management: The Personality Profession

Being a "good PM" may be more of a popularity contest than a measure of effectiveness.
4 min read

The Ruin Of Feeling Powerless

Being powerless in its most crushing state is not an instant switch, but rather a series of memory leaks which happen undetected over time.
5 min read

How To Interview Product Managers

Hiring the right PM is hard. Be sure to put candidates through the paces to avoid undoing the damage of hiring the wrong person.
2 min read