Project Management

The execution of projects and the processes involved.

Agile Development Without The Bullshit

It is a thing of human nature to kill the meaning behind valuable phrases. While there may good intent behind phrases such as "SEO Optimization" and "Social Media Marketing," these terms become insignificant in substance. Boardroom buzzwords hold little merit to those in the trenches of building products from scratch, and "Agile Development" is no exception. The term 'agile' as it is currently used may as well be synonymous with 'development.'

The other day somebody asked me if I had any advice for an aspiring product manager. Without a moment of hesitation, I said the first thing to c ome to mind...

If a PM ever speaks to you in a way you don't understand, they're probably bullshitting you.

What I'd like to achieve is a separation of fluff from reality. It doesn't take much real-world experience to understand the extent to which

Tools for Project Management


Software Project Management

Jira for software development

This should not come as a surprise, but JIRA is my go-to project management tool. JIRA has rightfully become undisputed front runner for software development, and can easily be adopted to manage the needs of designers, business, etc. With a little imagination, the functionality of the platform can be expanded almost infinitely to accommodate any team's needs within an organization.

A number of things separate JIRA far from its competition, the most obvious of which would be the concept of tracking time. When compared to other tools, JIRA's workflow has been tailored with the focus of getting work done against a timeline, which is obviously how all companies work.

Just as important is JIRA's level of customization in issue types, schemas, workflows, etc. Regardless of what your team's work philosophy may be, JIRA is designed with customization in mind.


High-level Project Management

Trello for general purpose tracking

While I prefer

What Is A Product Manager?

There we are, mingling at a party... we haven't met yet, but that is all about to change. As you bite into a freshly prepared hors d'oeuvre, a mutual friend insists that we must meet. Suddenly we lock eyes.

As we engage in conversation, there is a certain vagueness to my words. Despite how attentive you may be, you cannot seem to place my life's story. A question burns within you...

What did you say it is you do, again?

As I explain, only more questions arise. A 'product manager?' How does one manage a product? What exactly constitutes a digital agency? Why do I not refer to such as an ad agency? Surely they must be one in the same.

So you build websites?

Things continue to become complicated. How does one create 'digital products' without designing or developing? What could I mean by 'strategy' anyway?

So are

Getting Started With JIRA

When I was born, my parents looked each other in the eyes and said "this kid is going to grow up to write detailed documentation for software products too complex for our current generation to fully understand." Boy, were they right.

Perhaps you've just started diving into JIRA. In that case, the first glance at its bland aesthetic and stark UI elements probably set off the PTSD you acquired from your fluorescent light cubicle days. Or you may be an experienced director, and you're excited to share your methods of software development with your company.

Regardless of who you are, JIRA is arguably the best software development management tool in the market. You're in good hands, so let's take a deep breath and get your bearings in JIRA.

Find Your Project Gear

JIRA is separated into "projects" as your organization will work on multiple projects throughout its