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Preferred product and project management tools, how to use them, and what we can do to improve upon them.

Getting Started With JIRA

When I was born, my parents looked each other in the eyes and said "this kid is going to grow up to write detailed documentation for software products too complex for our current generation to fully understand." Boy, were they right.

Perhaps you've just started diving into JIRA. In that case, the first glance at its bland aesthetic and stark UI elements probably set off the PTSD you acquired from your fluorescent light cubicle days. Or you may be an experienced director, and you're excited to share your methods of software development with your company.

Regardless of who you are, JIRA is arguably the best software development management tool in the market. You're in good hands, so let's take a deep breath and get your bearings in JIRA.

Find Your Project Gear

JIRA is separated into "projects" as your organization will work on multiple projects throughout its