Not exclusively for entrepreneurs, but rather those heavily involved in the startup community or independent projects.

Everything Is A Bubble

Edit: The day after this was posted, bitcoin dropped 1k and the stock market crashed. Regardless of what the status of the market might be, it is important to remember that nearly all things in life are cyclical.

As of today the world is seeing the top of the stock market and Bitcoin is knocking on the door of a three thousand dollar all-time high. 2017 has taken world politics and economics for a violent ride as unexpected twists have shaken expectations of the norm. By now we've hopefully learned not to trust knee-jerk reactions.

Headlines are raging and some have chosen to move directly towards preparing victory speeches. Before you consider celebrating, perhaps it would be best to take a step back and put things in perspective.

Ups and Downs

Tech Financial Crash

My first few years out of university were not among my favorites. Without close family or friends, the most